Urban is a premium bootstrap 3 web application admin template. It comes packed with a myriad of different layouts, pre-built skins(Sidebar & Header), angularJS and HTML versions, Grunt and Bower build processes and a host of other options. Urban gives you what you need to get started with bulding your next web application, CRM, CMS, admin or dashboard based project.


 HTML and Angular versions
 Online Customizer for generating custom CSS and less
 Bower and grunt build process / non bower and grunt versions included
 Always up to date online documentation
 Responsive design
 Unlimited customization possibilities
 Clean design and commented code

Online Customizer

 Make the template your own. Style in any way you want
 Generate custom CSS and LESS files


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- 1.4.0 08 September 15
- Fixed quick launch panel and offscreen menu HTML version bug
- (HTML) Fixed missing link resource for jquery tags input
- (HTML) Fixed missing resources for font-awesome page
- (HTML) Fixed issue with chosen selects getting 0 width
- Fixed styling for new summernote plugin version
- Fixed styling for new jquery tags input plugin version
- (AnglarJS) Fixed issue with panel controls redirecting to root
- Updated customizer source files
- Minor CSS tweaks

- 1.3.0 04 July 15
- Fixed disabled button not displaying content
- Fixed rounded Button hover state radius
- Fixed perfectscrollbar initialization and destroy issue on toggling small menu (HTML version)
- Fixed Form wizard error
- Fixed body transition issue
- Added more text color contextual classes
- Updated angular to version v1.3.15
- Updated angular animate to version v1.4.1
- Included customizer in download package

- 1.2.0 09 June 15
- Added 6 transactional email templates

- 1.1.0 18 May 15
- Initial release

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